A Rustic And Crusted Chunk Of Coins, Shipwreck, C.1750-1820.

A Rustic And Crusted Chunk Of Coins, Shipwreck C.1750-1820.

  • Shipwrecks or battles including treasure ships were a common occurrence over the last several hundred years, this fact has inspired treasure hunters and divers to explore the depths. Many wrecks have been uncovered, The Association is one of many well known wrecks amongst coin collectors due to the number of coins found at the wreck site. 



    Wreck coins and artifacts have an amazing connection to history, you can imagine the deadly battle, pirate attack, or stormy night when the ship full of treasure plunged into the depths of the ocean, only to then be discovered a few hundred years later.  


    This untreated chunk of hammered eastern coins are an attractive and decorative object. A good talking piece, or a fine addition to a curiosity cabinet. 


    Height, mm.

    Weight, c.g.


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