An Anglo-Saxon Copper Alloy Saucer Brooch, C.450-550 A.D.

An Anglo-Saxon Copper Alloy Saucer Brooch, C.450-550 A.D.

  • Settlers from German regions of Angeln and Saxony made their way to Britain after the fall of the Roman Empire around A.D. 410, because of the crumbling Roman Empire. The once mighty Roman armies withdrew from Britain early in the fifth century to defend the crumbling centre of the Empire.


    The Anglo-Saxons brought with them their different religion and politics to Britain. Over the 600-year Saxon period Britain underwent many changes, this brooch is a wonderful part of that great change around 1,500 years ago.


    This tactile and historic brooch is boldly decorated with spirals is an iconic design from this period. Made from copper alloy it has survived the test of time and catches the eye with its striking form. There are a few chips on the rim of the saucer, also the pin on the reverse is missing. 


    Diameter, 26mm.

    Weight, c.8.0g.


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