Celtic Britain, Regini. Gold Quarter Stater, c.75-65 B.C. Sills Insular CF Type.

  • Celtic Britain, Regini. Gold Quarter Stater, c.75-65 B.C. Kentish A (Insular-Belgic C), Sills Insular CF Type. Extremely Rare, It Is Believed Less Than 20 Of This Type Are Recorded.


    Weight: 1.51 grams. Diameter: 10mm at widest point, 9mm at the shortest.


    Obv: Stylised boat with two figures, rosette-like object left. Rev: Short tree-like object with five radiating branches, a thick bent bar below, Y-shape under bar.


    Reference: S.39A, ABC.530 (Extremely Rare).


    An attractivly struck piece with clear details. As listed and noted in ABC it is almoast certain that it is this type which was the first Quarter Stater ever minted in Britain.


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