China, Kirin Province. Silver Dollar, 1901. Provincial Issue. NGC Encapsulated.

  • China, Kirin Province. Silver Dollar (7 Mace 2 Candareens) 1901. Provincial Issue. CAINDARINS (S Retrograde) Variety. NGC Encapsulated, Graded XF Details And Guaranteed.


    Obverse: Zào shěng lín jí xīn kù píng qī qián èr fēn chǒu,” (Made in Jílín province/xīn [cyclical date stem] / Treasury scales equal to 7 qián and 2 fēn/chǒu [cyclical date branch]) in Hànzì, “bǎo yuán guāng xù,” (Valuable yuán of Guāngxù) in Hànzì around medium tài jí tú (yin-yang symbol to centre).

    Obverse: Flying imperial dragon facing with coarse-scaled body, coiled around fireball and surrounded by stylized clouds; to left and right, “Jílín,” in Mongolian script. KIRIN • PROVINCE / (piereced cross) 7 • CAINDARINS • 2 (pierced cross); S retrograde.


    Reference: Y 183A.1, L&M 536.


    The coin showing chop marks on reverse. Overall in nice condition, some probable old cleaning, some surface marks and wear. The plastic capsule has some deep scratches, mainly to a patch on the front.

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