Oliver Cromwell, Battle Of Dunbar. Cast Silver Award Medal, 1650. By T Simon.



Oliver Cromwell, Battle Of Dunbar. Cast Silver Award Medal, 1650. By T Simon.

  • Oliver Cromwell, the Battle of Dunbar. A silver award medal, 1650. By Thomas Simon.


    Obv: Armoured and draped bust of Oliver Cromwell, battle scene beyond, WORD AT DUNBAR. THE LORD OF HOSTS. SEPTEM Y 3 1650. Rev: The Speaker seated facing the assembled chamber of Parliament.


    Diameter: 34mm x 28mm.


    Reference: Eimer 181.


    This medal a contemporary or near contemporary issue. The Dunbar Medal was re-cast during the 17th and 18th centuries.


    The Dunbar Medal issued under Oliver Cromwell in 1650 was the first campaign medal intended for the presentation to officers and servicemen alike who "did this excellent service," and in the words of Oliver Cromwell himself "commemoration of that great mercie at Dunbar". The Scots Royalists were defeated on September 3rd, 1650. The Dunbar medal has the unique and important distinction of being the first campaign medal, recorded that the common soldier and officers were equal recipients of a military decoration for war service. This issue was exceptional, laying a path for how medals were distributed to this day. To quote the author Augustus Steward on the Dunbar Medal, “This issue was exceptional, for throughout the existence of the Commonwealth, although medals were struck to commemorate naval victories over the Dutch, they were given to officers only, and during succeeding years this appears to have been the rule also until the beginning of the nineteenth century, when the custom was established to bestow upon all soldiers, from Field Marshal to drummer-boy, the same medal; that was after the battle of Waterloo, June 18th, 1815.”

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