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Trajan, 98-117 A.D. AE Sestertius.

Trajan, 98-117 A.D. AE Sestertius.

  • Trajan is probably best known for his military skill; this led him to become the most formidable soldier-emperor the Roman Empire ever had to offer. He led the Empire in expanding to the greatest extent it would ever reach until his death in 117 A.D.


    Trajan was known as one of the 'good emperors'. Along with his military expansion, he oversaw building projects which was well received alongside his admired leadership.


    Minted in Rome c.105 A.D., this Sestertius was struck during or in-between the Dacian wars. The focus of Trajan’s conflicts were the constant Dacian threat on the Roman Province of Moesia. The obverse of the Sestertius shows a well struck and imposing portrait of the soldier-emperor Trajan. The reverse clearly displays Trajan rearing on horseback and spearing the thorn in his side, Dacian, who is fallen beneath him. 


    The coin has a rich and attractive olive colour and patination, there is eye catching high relief which is so much desired in this series. Unimportant flaws or marks do not detract from this impressive piece.


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