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The Clive Smith Collection
Coins And Artefacts

Clive Smith was and remains a well known and much loved metal detecting enthusiast. After a long history of mudlarking in the River Thames and metal detecting, he settled in the South West and became an asset to the metal detecting community. Clive actively promoted respectable responsible detecting and gleaning, as well as imparting, as much knowledge on the subject as possible.
Part of his dedication to the hobby of metal detecting and respect for history was shown in regularly recording
his finds, some of which now reside in the British Museum. Alongside this, he was well known for his
generosity, often gifting objects to friends, family and land owners.

He frequently gave informative talks and guidance to his fellow members of his much loved Weymouth and Portland Metal Detecting Club.

After Clive's passing in 2020 the responsibility of dispersing the remainder of his collection has come to us, Clive was a great friend and mentor who is greatly missed, we hope this presentation of his collection gives an insight into his passion and dedication to the hobby.

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